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Enjoy the advantages of a premium listing and upgrade today! Premium includes:
  1. For a limited time enjoy our BUY ONE GET ONE offer! (1 YEAR = 2 YEARS, 6 MONTHS = 1 YEAR etc.)
  2. placed next to your ad on the "one-line" results page! See examples >>>>
  3. your listing is positioned higher - it could be the first on the page!
  4. your listing appears with prominent extra formatting
  5. your internet links - email and website - are displayed
  6. your listing is linked to a map
  7. upgrade for one low price per listing
  8. your business image displayed [logo or other picture]
  9. choose from Preferred or First Page positions
  10. first page customers are entitled to 10000 banner rotations ($99.95 purchase required)
  11. prefered customers are entitled to 5000 banner rotations ($50 purchase required)
    note: banners are rotated on all pages - 468x60 only please
See example of First Page listing >>>>

See example of Prefered listing >>>>


Choose Preferred or First Page


Preferred Listings always enjoy better page position than standard free listings. Your Preferred listing appears higher on all search results. Why accept a free listing at the bottom of the page when you can get optimum results which are priced very attractively?

First Page

First Page Listings always enjoy a first page position. Standard free listings could be pages and pages down at the bottom of search results. Your First Page listing is your guarantee of optimum exposure and optimum results for your listing. Why accept a free listing at the bottom of the page when you can get optimum results which are priced very attractively?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Would I want a First Page Listing?

Research indicates that surfers are more likely to click on listings which appear on the first, second or third pages. Let's face it, these surfers are just plain LAZY! Surfers like things to be made easy for them - after all - wouldn't you like things to be easy for you?

For a nominal payment we can make your listing a First Page or Preferred page postion.
Note: Once payment is made your listing duration will automatically be doubled.

 Price Chart for Premium Listing
First Page10.0020.0030.0040.0050.0060.0070.0080.0085.0090.0095.0099.95
Months1   22   43   64   85  106  127  148  169  1810  2011  2212  24

First Page

Guaranteed to be on the first page of any search results which contain your listing category. Act Now! Only a limited number of positions are available. First come first served!


Guaranteed to be placed BEFORE any non paid listing. If first page slots are not totally filled then your listing could rank as high as first page!

Feature Listing!

Guaranteed top quality placement on EVERY search page. Our best possible listing position - but there's ONLY ONE! Please inquire.

How can I order a Premium Upgraded Listing?

  1. add your free listing
  2. make a new search
  3. find your listing
  4. click on the "Go Premium!" button

It's that e a s y !!!

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