Below is our FAQ section. Hopefully it will answer any questions you might have. If not, please feel free to ask us by sending an e-mail to one of the addresses on our contact page.

What is allows advertisers to list their site in our search engine and receive visitors at a cost-per-click basis, as low as $.01 per click. Our service is much more
cost effective than other advertising methods because our service is highly targeted. Instead of having your banner show up randomly on different sites and hoping people will click your link, surfers visit our site looking for specific content using keywords you relate to your site, just like any other search engine.

How much does it cost and how many visitors will I receive?
Your first $10 are free! After that a  minimum deposit is $10, but in return, you will receive $20 in bids to use for keyword bids. You must bid at least $.01 for each keyword you list. Traffic to your site from depends on many factors. For example, if you listed all your keywords at 1 penny each, and your $20 balance was spent on clicks to your site using the keywords you had bid 1 penny on, that would give you 2,000 visits for only $10!!

How does your ranking system work?
All ranking is based on advertiser bids. Follow this scenario: Let's say John places a bid on the keyword "games" for $.01. If there are no other bids on that keyword, John would automatically have the #1 ranking for that keyword. If you come into the picture, and place a bid on the keyword "games" for $.02 , you would then become the #1 ranking site for that keyword, and John, saying that he is still bidding $.01 for "games," would be moved down to the #2 ranking site. So basically, the highest bidder for a specific keyword will always receive the highest ranking for that specific keyword, and lower bidders' listings will appear under the highest bidder in descending order of their bid amount.

How many keywords am I allowed to bid on?
As many as you want. There is no limit to the amount of keywords you can bid on, as long as the keywords you bid on are related to your site.

How exactly is my balance spent?
Every time a surfer clicks on a link to your site after searching with a keyword you made a bid on, the bid amount for the keyword used to find your site will be automatically deducted from your account.

Can I take money out of my account after depositing?
No. At this time, all deposits are non-refundable.

Do I receive bonuses with any deposits I make into my account?
Yes. All accounts will receive bonuses for any and all deposits made. With a deposit of $25, you will be credited with $30 to spend on keyword bids. With a deposit of $50, you will be credited with $75 in keywords bids.

Special bonuses are given to accounts who spend $100 or more. With a deposit of $100, you will be credited with $150 in keyword bids plus two weeks free banner advertising. With a deposit of $200, you will be credited with $300 plus one month of free banner advertising.

What kind of banner advertising do I get with a deposit of $100 or $200?
All advertisers that spend an at-once deposit of $100 or $200 will be allowed to place one banner in our banner rotation. Banners must be approved by us first. Once approved, banners are displayed at the top of every page at, except for our main page, where banners appear right about our directory. All sites' banners are rotated equally and fairly, and may be mixed in with our own advertising banners. For an at-once deposit of $100, you will receive 14 days in our banner rotation. For an at-once deposit of $200, you will receive 31 days in our banner rotation.


Who can become a affiliate?
Anyone is allowed to become an affiliate as long as their site(s) do not contain anything related to warez, porn, hate, or piracy.

Do I need to deposit money into my account to become an affiliate?
No, you don't. If you would like to only become an affiliate, just sign up for a free account and visit our affiliate section. No deposits are required to become an affiliate.

What types of affiliate programs do you offer and how much do they pay?
We offer a pay-per-search program which will automatically deposit $.04 into your account for every daily unique search made by a surfer from your site. A daily unique search is defined as a search made from one unique IP address each day. All you have to do is place our cut-and-paste code in your HTML and get it up on the web.

How do you pay your affiliates?
To simplify the payment process, all affiliates are paid straight into their account. In the future, we may start sending actual checks in the mail, but for now we are sticking with our automatic crediting.

What happens if I am caught cheating or spamming?
If we find out you are artificially sending searches or using any method that is not acceptable to send searches (e.g. spam), you will first be notified and warned of your actions. If we keep getting complains or suspect you are still cheating, your account will be immediately terminated, and we may contact the proper authorities.